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re: Re: Navigation Tag, extend link

From: <rev-bob@gotc.com>
Date: 08 Dec 99 16:09:06 -0500
To: www-html@w3.org
Message-Id: <19991208160457.SM01128@Unknown.>
> Hi, I think <link> is the best solution to the discussed problem, but maybe
> it can be improved to express hierarchy.
> It is quite popular and very useful to show the hierarchy of the site on
> the top of the pages. Something like this:
> corporation > company > department > project > product
> with links to appropiate places. It would be nice to represent this
> hierarchy with link elements instead.

Why?  HTML is at least supposed to be a *semantic* language - introducing new tags 
just to get around the unwillingness of some people to provide proper navigation is a 
really *bad* idea.

Everything you want to do with this "extension" can be done perfectly well with the 
existing A element - just use that and be done with it.

> I have not thought very much about the syntax, it is the concept I am
> concerned about. Any thought?

Yeah - I think the very fact that we're discussing "let's make a new tag for navigation" 
speaks for itself.  Ridiculous.

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