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Re: accented characters, etc.

From: Aaron Farmer <afarmer@ebt.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 15:11:23 -0500
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Hrmm.. I like the idea. The accented characters available are far too
limited. Lets see what everyone says.

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From: "Sean Healy" <jalopeura@hotmail.com>
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Subject: accented characters, etc.

> I'm new to the list, and I didn't see anything like this in the archives
> the last few months, so here goes:
> The current list of accented letters available in HTML isn't nearly
> Is it possible to put an overstrike tag in the next version that will
> authors to specify two (or more) characters to place overtop each other.
> There is something similar with the strikeout tag that places a line
> letters.  Perhaps something like <OS>~n</OS> could replace &ntilde; (for
> those of you with HTML-enabled readers, &lt;OS&gt;~n&lt;/OS&gt; and
> &amp;ntilde;).  This would be a big step toward true internationalization.
> If there's some technical reason why this is impossible with SGML, could
> someone explain it for me in layman's terms?
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