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Just a passing curiousity

From: Ben Badgley <badge_one@hotmail.com>
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 1999 09:10:44 PDT
Message-ID: <19990406161045.70208.qmail@hotmail.com>
To: www-html@w3.org
At least now I know that I am not alone as far as having a just do it 
attidude. However it still makes wonder to see some the posting on this 
list. My passing curiousity is very simple how does one actaully go 
about breaking into the design field. So far I've faced all sorts of 
odds, not that I am instigating a pity rant. However I find it difficult 
to believe that the internet appears to be going the route of 
television. In this let me demonstrate briefly.
I like to watch good wrestling. But I can't really do this for all the 
advertisment involved, everything gets put into a script to take my 
money for the pay per views or to sell tickets.
Should we then too design to sell? I know that yes I need to sell my 
work so that I can have a job as a freelance webmaster. I will not argue 
this, however my point is this must we sell everyone else's including 
competitors? I'm finding that quality web design does not count it's how 
much you can sell. And this list is no diffrent for we all sell 
ourselves short with ignornat posts regarding lower case or upper case. 
HTML does not care, Unix prefers lower case filenames. Big deal I 
thought we would have learned this from day one. It goes back to 
quality. But I may be wrong in my assumumptions yet please do some 
surfing a while especially personal home pages. Rember when they were 
just that and not a Burma shave ad?

Ben Badgley
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