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Re: Looooong header of this list

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In our previous episode, jose.kahan@w3.org said:
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In our previous episode, Henryk Gajewski said:
> Why this list has such a looooooooooong header (or whatever you call it)?
> It traveles travels multiplies multiplies and often is longer than a mail
> itself. What is the reason for it? Does everybody reads carefully abd
> always these lines?
> Greetings
> Henryk Gajewski

Some of the headers you cite come from Smartlist. They are necessary to
avoid loops and to detect bounces.

If a message was caught by the spam filter and I reforward it to the list,
my client makes a copy of the original headers as X- headers. Finally, we
don't filter out any other headers sent in by the user.



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