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Re: cookie?

From: dreamwvr <dreamwvr@dreamwvr.com>
Date: Fri, 15 May 1998 12:18:05 -0600
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To: "Garth Wallace" <gwalla@hotmail.com>, www-html@w3.org, stinger@opennet.org
I think that you are thinking that a cookie does all the magic to 
track your users. Actually the cookie can be used to record the 
number of times a user has been in your site so that you don't 
have to assemble some gigantic database to accommodate this. but
it simply writes to a cookie file. The cgi scripting is what strips
this information for you so that you can determine the users habits.
But it is really unethical on the web to take this information without 
informing them if it is for use more than merely for your personal 
information. There are providers on the web which will assist in this 
venture with ready made counters for your use so that you don't have
to learn cgi, perl, or other great stuff but it is better if you do.
There are also providers around the globe that will allow you to create
your own scripts as you see fit. Also remember that as you strip 
information from they that visit as time passes so shall they.
Be sure you can live with it.


At 06:56 PM 5/14/98 PDT, Garth Wallace wrote:
>From: "Luka Z. Gerzic" <stinger@opennet.org>
>>how can i count how much people comming on my site?
>>i know that i can use cgi script's but on my server it's forrbiden
>>so can i use cookies for that job? and if i can, how do i do that?
>>what's the source of html with count cookie....
>You can't really use cookies for this. Cookies only store information on 
>the client's machine, not yours, so you would have no way of keeping 
>track. However, there are companies that provide off-site counters for 
>pages. You might consider using one of those.
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