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Re: Simple! Just say True or False.

From: <terje@in-progress.com>
Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 11:07:03 -0800
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To: www-html@w3.org
At 2:11 AM 5/6/98, Eric A. Meyer wrote:
>On Wed, 6 May 1998, Sathish Kumar Rangarajan wrote:
>> That statement in the below mail makes me ask this.
>> Which versions of the popular browsers support Style Sheets?
>> Netscape 4.0 (Communicator)     : YES
>> Netscape 3.02                   : NO
>> Netscape 3.01                   : NO
>> Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 : YES
>> Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 : YES
>   The reason I said it isn't quite that easy is that the browsers which I
>marked "YES" only support some of CSS, and none of them yet support enough of
>positioning to truly replace frames.  For further information on the state of
>support for CSS1 (positioning is part of CSS2), see the charts at

However, lack of support for CSS in all browsers shouldn't be a reason not
to use it when authoring.

Proper HTML documents will display OK also for older browsers. Thus, if you
are satisfied with that your design mostly will benefit those with the most
recent browsers, you can author with CSS and still know that the documents
are accessible for others.

If you still want those with older browsers to view the pages similar to
what you designed, there are several applications that are able to emulate
Cascading Style Sheets with presentational markup for the benefit of the
previous generations of browsers (OK, this is actually a plug for XPublish
and Cascade, se the sig for the links). These applications allows you to
benefit from CSS for efficiently maintaining the presentation of your site,
saving you from the mess of FONT tags and other presentational markup in
your source documents.

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