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We PAY your DEBTS & you never have to pay us back!

From: <biggtree7@aol.com>
Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 14:41:20 -0400 (EDT)
To: <tutopia@hermes1.net>
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***Our research indicates that the following material may be of interest to you;

(However, so that we may be courteous, please reply by email with the word "remove" to be immediately removed from further mailings.  You must type "remove".)

     Welcome to the DEBT MANAGEMENT CLUB, an organization that has been featured in respected business trade and money periodicals.  This is not a business opportunity.  Of course, in today's world there are endless scams where we all have to be extremely careful.  If this sounds like one, it isn't.  Nor is it a money making scheme, or a multi-level marketing pitch in search for new recruits.  The Debt Management Club (DMC) legally helps people pay their debts up to $100,000 without a bankruptcy or damage to a person's credit.  Everyday we pay students loans, credit cards,child support, mortgages, IRS liens,utility and phone bills, property tax liens, rents/leases, etc.    And the money used to pay the debts never needs to be paid back.  Sound interesting?  Well it should, and yes, it is a reality.  How you ask?  There is one way only to find out.

     You may call (818) 763-1000  Ext 1645 for a phone appointment (during normal business hours) after sending in the following completed short form.  You may fax or mail in this form.  You must also attach an address verification (a copy of a phone bill for example) when returning this form.

Fax- (818) 769-7358 (to attention: ext. 1645) or by Mail:  5318 Laurel Canyon Bl. #104, Valley Village Ca 91607


     The undersigned hereby agrees not to disclose any information given to him/her regarding the Debt Managemnt Club to anyone; and further agrees not to compete the DMC in the U.S.A. or anywhere in the world.




Phone________________________ Fax____________________

City_____________________State_________  Zip___________ 


                        Invited by Andrew Devore, Member 1645
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