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Sat, 28 Feb 1998 11:48:36 -0500

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Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 11:48:36 -0500
From: Liam Quinn <>
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Subject: Re: Definition Windows

At 10:40 PM 27/02/98 -0800, THOMAS HIGGINS wrote:
>    The <def> tag provides a way for small "definition windows" to pop up,
>similar to the window that pops up when you place your mouse over an image
>(if the <img> tag has the "alt" attribute defined).

This functionality is already provided (and even supported in IE4) through
HTML 4.0's TITLE attribute.  The only thing not possible today is the
setting of a background colour and other presentational details for the
pop-up, but style sheets are a better place to solve this problem.

>    underline="dashed"
>    bgcolor="yellow"
>    action="click"
>    content="A new medium for exchanging information">
> The Internet
> is an oversized ad.

<span title="A new medium for exchanging information">The Internet</span>
is an oversized ad.

With TITLE, the user does not need to click on the text.

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