Netscape style sheets

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Tue, 17 Feb 1998 10:02:16 -0500

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Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 10:02:16 -0500
Subject: Netscape style sheets

I'm not a experienced web page designer but I like the new HTML version.
I've made a page using HTML 4.0 and CSS1 and the last version got approved
by the W3C validator (not the current one).  I use M$ Internet Explorer and
the page looks good.  But it's not the case when I use Netscape 4.0.
Netscape seems to support HTML 4.0 well but not CSS1 in an external file.  I
tried the @import statement and it didn't work either.  It works well when I
specify styles in the STYLE element.  Perhaps I did something wrong in my
code but I can't spot it.  Anyone knows what is the proble with Netscape ?

If you want to see the page, it's at:
http:\\\claudeg\index2.html (it's in french).  May look messy
to experienced designer but I'm still proud of it :)  Opinion of user of
'exotic' (not IE or Net) browsers would be appreciated eventough the page
was tested ok with Lynx.

Francois-Denis Gonthier
Neumann / Maus