Re: implementation of FIRST-LETTER - possible problem

Peter Flynn (
30 Sep 1997 16:06:53 +0100

Date: 30 Sep 1997 16:06:53 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
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Subject: Re: implementation of FIRST-LETTER - possible problem

Chris Croome writes:

   >Inn_ in several successive issues of _TeX and TUG News_ (1:3, 1:4,

   I've not come across this journal - is it on the web?

It was the companion to the TeX Users Group's _TUGboat_ journal, and
was absorbed into TUGboat last year, but back issues are available
from CTAN (see and search for "ttn":
the issues are TeX files, so you'll need the associated stylesheet,
and are named ttnXnY.tex where X is the year of issue (pilot is zero)
and Y is the issue (1-4 thru the year)). Typographers' Inn is
resurfacing in the next TUGboat.

   Again, maybe, but my situation is that I'm putting a
   magazine on the web and I want to follow the "house style"
   fairly closely and this involved the dropped caps appearing
   in the way I first proposed.

Personally I think it is a major design blunder (sorry if it's your
decision, Chris) to use a paper mag style on a medium other than
paper. How would you feel about trying to do an issue on TV using the
same stylesheet? Would that work? A different medium requires a
different design. No escaping that.