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Thu, 25 Sep 1997 17:18:10 -0400

Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 17:18:10 -0400
From: "Kevin J. Dyer" <>
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Subject: Re: Method for A?

On Sep 25,  2:45pm, MegaZone wrote:
> Subject: Method for A? (fwd)
> Once upon a time Mike Meyer shaped the electrons to say...
> >The A tag has no such attribute, nor any other method to let the
> >author select which of the two HTTP methods should be used.  When an
> I have never seen any need for POST on A.  POST is only needed when
> sending volumes of data to a server, which only results from FORM
> submissions.  I have never in 5 years of working on the web seen any
> need for POST associated with A.

In addition to the ugly nature of the A pathing, we still have alot of
of people passing passwords and DB pointers as get variables that
are then visible to anyone on the target system or available via an "R"
utility or two

I know security through obscurity is not something that should be condoned,
but at least give these people a little bit of help.

> IMHO moot point - I don't think any major vendor would bother with it.
> -MZ
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