Re: Header, Footer, and Sidebars

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Sat, 29 Nov 1997 20:17:16 -0500

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Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 20:17:16 -0500
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Subject: Re: Header, Footer, and Sidebars

>This makes no sense whatsoever. I thought it was established that the UA has
>a hypothetical default stylesheet and that changing the default font in the
>UA changes the base font size in that stylesheet. Therefore, changing the
>font on the toolbar should change the font size in any element for which
>font size has not been specified either in absolute units or relative to an

Are you saying that if I specify a default font-size in the included HTML
and a default font-size in the main page, that both should adjust at the
same time? As a matter of course?

>If you want an included HTML document to function as part of the main
>document, it will have to inherit the style state at the position of the
>OBJECT in the parent document's tree. There could be some strange side

I'm looking at it from a practical viewpoint, looking to avoid hacks like
frames and finicky server side includes. I'd be happy to see some other way
to better accomplish the same thing than using OBJECT if needed.

>content. Note also that you will be nesting HTML and BODY elements. What

Does the document have to be a full HTML document? Could the included
document be an HTML fragment, as with SSI now?


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