The new attributes for SPAN and DIV

Brian Wilson (
Sat, 15 Nov 1997 22:04:38 -0800

Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 15 Nov 1997 22:04:38 -0800
From: Brian Wilson <>
Subject: The new attributes for SPAN and DIV 

The DTD [1] and documentation [2] list many new attributes for 
the SPAN and DIV elements (charset, href, hreflang, media, rel, 
rev, target and type.) The documentation, however, does not 
really explain what these attributes should DO in the context of 
these elements.

The DTD declaration for these elements says
  "generic language/style container"
but the new attributes are not generally used for this purpose. 
Are these new attributes attempts to expand the behavior of these 
elements - maybe to make DIV and SPAN even more "generalized" 
in-line and block elements? Could SPAN be used as a generic 
in-line hyperlink? (how this would need to be different from the 
A element escapes me without further explanation.) Additionally, 
could DIV be used as a generic block-level hyperlink?

Curious minds (me) wish to know... 


[1] <URL:>
[2] <URL:>
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