Re: Form-based Device Input and Upload in HTML

Peter Flynn (
15 Nov 1997 02:48:49 +0000 (GMT)

Date: 15 Nov 1997 02:48:49 +0000 (GMT)
From: Peter Flynn <>
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Subject: Re: Form-based Device Input and Upload in HTML

   INTERNET-DRAFT                                               J. Salsman 
   Suggested filename: <draft-www-device-upload-00.txt>     WebTV Networks 

Does this imply that WebTV have at last hired someone who knows about
SGML? If so this is very good news...

   Expiration date: 15 May 1998                           12 November 1997 

		  Form-based Device Input and Upload in HTML 

      Currently, HTML forms allow the producer of the form to request 
      information -- including files of data -- from the operator reading 
      the form.  However, this capability is limited because HTML forms 
      don't provide a way to ask the operator to submit input from 
      arbitrary sources such as audio devices like microphones.  Since 

This is simply untrue. <input type=audio> was proposed _long_ ago,
along with type=video; and the list was left open so others could be
added. One day we'll need type=touch, type=smell, and type=taste as
well (hey maybe type=esp :-)

But I am wholly unconvinced about [ab]using type=file for this. File
uploads were proposed (if I remember right) for uploading files of
static data (even if dynamically created) of pre-known size, not for
interactive streaming. 

I think the idea is fine, but I'd like to see input from more people
in the audio/video field.


BTW James, if you're the SGML person at WebTV, can I send again my
long message about the WebTV additional elements that I put into HTML
Pro? There were quite a lot of unresolved problems in your online
documentation that I'd appreciate some guidance on.