Re: ALIGN=decimal - question.

William Rhodes (
Wed, 26 Mar 1997 10:07:06 -0800

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Date: Wed, 26 Mar 1997 10:07:06 -0800
To: Erik van der Arend <>,
From: William Rhodes <>
Subject: Re: ALIGN=decimal - question.

At 12:29 PM 3/26/97 +0100, Erik van der Arend wrote:
>How do you align with a decimal point ? Or what is wrong with the 
>code below. This code is copied from the HTML 3.0 specification
>I'm using Netscape 3.0 and I got the screen-output:
>  <tr align=decimal dp=":">

My first guess would be that your using an outdated HTML draft.  HTML 3.0
(assuming for a meoment that there ever really was such a thing) has
expired, and Netscape probably doesn't support some of its stranger
elements and attributes anymore.

I do know that in 3.2, the <tr> tag can have only two elements -- align and
valign.  And there is no "decimal" value for the align attribute.

See: <> for more info.

I would try and stick to the HTML 3.2 specification in the future.  You
will likely wind up having to update your 3.0 code later down the road.


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