Re: any ideas for slashed zero's

Carl Morris (
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 17:25:41 -0600

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Subject: Re: any ideas for slashed zero's
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997 17:25:41 -0600

| >  I have
| > thought about using CSS to backup and place the slash over the
| > not sure that is a great idea though.
| Nope. You could use U+0337 "combining short solidus overlay" which is
| a non-spacing diacritical mark (ie it puts a slash through the letter
| it is next to)

Not fully sure what you mean here, but maybe it will leave promise? :)

| Selection of specific glyphs is a known issue. ther ei s the famous
| Poetical font with 57 different ampersands.

That sounds logical for the type of font, but maybe not quite so for
normal fonts.  The ampersand should typically be a "feature" of the
font, characterized to look like the rest of the font.  But a slash
through a zero is simply a readability issue, many printers and video
hardware gave the option of whether to use a slash or not.  Newer
systems though have started "characterizing" the zero by using a dot or
a partial slash or a vertical line inside the zero, those to me would
be glyphs, and they don't always help in terms of readability.  However
I am not sure where the "slashed O" came from, or what its use is. 
Seems to me that if there can be both a slashed O and a slashed 0
(could you tell there difference there? I can't) that there would again
be a readability problem. (the last couple of lines started talking
about a "slashed Oh")

| It's sitting there being cooked up. Although it wasn't a year ago,
| more like 9 months. The major outstanding issue is protection of IPR,
| which needs some fairly intricate solutions.

Shoulda known, thats what slowed down DVD, and of course the film
industry still lost in my opinion.

BTW, I still say a year ago, I got on the internet on my current
account March 6 96, and I remember that 3.0 was just being alpha'd, as
it was preparing to beta I know the question came up about fonts and
MS/Netscape and Adobe all seemed to want their own part, sure, maybe it
was 9 months ago when you all decided to work together, but I can
remember seeing a lot of press about it even before then.  Oh, the
press :)

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