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Date: Tue, 4 Mar 1997 10:02:27 -0800

This is not a new "standard" in and of itself.  "MSHTML" is the name of
the dynamic link library that provides HTML rendering for IE3 and IE4.
Between IE3 and IE4, we've completely replaced this component.  The
codename for the new component was "Trident" (I work on the Trident
team.)  The "official" name for the capabilities this component provides
is "Dynamic HTML", because the component allows dynamic changes to the
HTML and stylesheet properties through automation (scripting, ActiveX
objects, Java applets).  That is, you can change the content and
presentation interactively, AFTER the page has been loaded, including
removing sections of HTML, to create interactive applications in HTML.
This is not to be confused with Netscape's use of the term "dynamic
HTML" all over their site to refer to Navigator 4.0 - they do not
provide the interactive HTML Object Model capabilities that Trident
provides.  There is a group working on defining a standard HTML Object
Model in the W3C, in which we are very active.

Trident does include both stylesheet support (I'm the stylesheets guy)
and absolute positioning (precise 2.5D positioning of HTML elements),
following the Cascading Style Sheets recommendation and the Absolute
Positioning draft standards of the W3C.  Beta RSN.

Chris Wilson

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>> Has anyone heard of the new "standard" that IE and Fronpage are going to
>> be using, ms-html?  I have seen 2 short articles on it on Pointcast
>> network, under techweb.  But as to finding out anything solid on it... it
>> doesn't seem to exist.
>> Anyone have any pointers to it?
>> Chad
>> Chad D. Zimmerman
>I read in a german PC magazine, that it will be called TRIDENT, but there
>are till now no public releases of it. MS only gave it to a few developer. 
>The c't (the magazine) told, that it is based on stylesheets and on
>"framebased Layout" (
>Sorry, it's not so much information, but I hope it helps
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