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Sun, 15 Jun 97 18:10 +0200

Date:     Sun,  15 Jun 97 18:10 +0200
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From: David Rashty +972-2-6584848 <RASHTY@WWW4.HUJI.AC.IL>
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Subject:  RE: Re: Israeli HTML Standard

> One of the goals of the committee is to steer to directions that will
> benefit the Israeli public. If all the browsers will comply to the logical
> standard it will be much better for us all. So, we are trying to make it
> happen.

What you accualy saying is that only people in Israel who have purchesed the
Hebrew Version of Windows or Mac will be able to view the pages. All the other
Hebrew speakers outside Israel (and there are more than a few) will not be able
to read the pages if they will not buy the products that are needed for that.
(also Unix/Vax-VMS users will have no way to read the pages after the
logical order will be implemented)

The question is not about the quality of the outcome but about the range of the
solution, and again, in many cases before in the web history there was a
compromise between quality and quantity.
> This is not to say that the other implementations will be "illegal".
> They will be only "non-standard". People from abroad, people with english
> browsers, etc. will always have the option to use visual if they
> want to. Sites should offer both options if they want people to be
> happy and to cover the maximum of users.

To put the Visual out of the standard means that in many cases organizations
will have to demand a logical order pages in there contracts,
this is the same as saying *no* to Visual order.

> One happy day, in the UNICODE future of things, software coming from the
> states will be able to have logical seamlessly.  Until then we, as the
> Israel Bureau of Standards, should try to give a good framework for the
> future years.

I see things a bit different than you, and I represent the Israeli
Government Internet Committee ( I believe there is a need
for the Visual order in this standard

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