Re: HTML 4.0/SGML, (#PCDATA)* problem in TEXTAREA

Neil St.Laurent (
Thu, 31 Jul 1997 10:36:29 -0600

Message-Id: <>
From: "Neil St.Laurent" <>
To: Dave Raggett <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 1997 10:36:29 -0600
Subject: Re: HTML 4.0/SGML, (#PCDATA)* problem in TEXTAREA
CC: Paul Prescod <>,

In the time of 31 Jul 97:7:55, Dave Raggett pronounced:

> Basically unknown tags are invalid. But the HTML specification
> sets user expectations as how such tags should be handled..
> User agents should ignore unknown attributes, start and end tags..

For a to spec parser however the unknown tags require some sort of 
content model, otherwise parsing can't actually continue.  Or should 
we generally put a special rule in the SGML parser that scans for 
CLOSE-TAGS outside of their normal context?

I'm just afraid to make these changes since I don't want to 
inadvertently break the SGML parsing.
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