Software boosts profits by 50% !!
Thu, 31 Jul 97 00:19:46 EST

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Date: Thu, 31 Jul 97 00:19:46 EST
Subject: Software boosts profits by 50% !!

ATTN: Business Owner/Internet Marketer:

Your profits are about to increase by 50%, practically overnight! If you are selling any type of product or service, on-line or off-line, this software is an absolute MUST for your business. Please read on...

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"What is this new software?"

- CHECKS XPRESS by ZR ONE Technologies is a powerful new software program that allows you to accept check payments from your customers by telephone, fax, and internet/e-mail.  

"Why should I accept check payments by telephone, fax, or internet/e-mail?"

-  Simple. INCREASED REVENUES - by up to 50% or more! More and more businesses are adopting this new system of accepting payment from their customers. They have all experienced INCREASED PROFITS by providing a new medium for their non-credit card paying customers to purchase their products and services.

"How will Checks Xpress increase my revenues by 50%?"

- As you are probably aware, credit cards invoke IMPULSE SHOPPING - you get the customer when they're "HOT". As you are also probably aware, obtaining a credit card merchant account for a small or home-based business can be very difficult and very expensive. Therefore, if your customers have the opportunity to "cool down" because they have to manually write you a check and put it in the mail, statistics prove that your chances of losing the sale increase by more than 50%.

- Also, there are over 70 MILLION consumers and businesses that have checking accounts, but DO NOT have credit cards. So even if your business does accept credit cards, you are missing out on a VERY large segment of would-be customers that want to order your products or services, but do not have credit cards.

- With Checks Xpress, you now have the same impulse-shopping payment power as accepting credit cards! Your customers can order immediately (when they're "HOT"), you GET PAID IMMEDIATELY, and your customers will receive their orders much faster, too. It's a win-win situation for everyone! Plus, we will show you how to verify that your customer's check is "good for the money" within minutes of receiving it, allowing you to fulfill the order only moments after it is placed.  This is truly the same power as accepting credit cards - and no more waiting (or hoping) for that check to arrive in the mail!

- Eliminate bad debt, collections, and past-due accounts. With your customer's initial one-time authorization, you simply print out a check each month, PAID IN FULL AND ON TIME!

"How does this system work?"

- It's easier than you might think. A customer with MONEY TO SPEND places an order through telephone, fax, or e-mail.  They provide you with all of the bank and checking account numbers that appear on their check. 

- You simply enter their bank information into the Checks Xpress software and click the "Print Check" button. The Checks Xpress interface was designed to look just like a check, making this program super easy to use, and printing the check from start to finish in less than 2 minutes!

- Then go to your bank and deposit the check(s), just as you would deposit any other checks. That's it - instant money! 

* Note to non-U.S. residents: Checks Xpress cannot be used to debit non-U.S. bank accounts; however, if you're doing business internationally, you can still use Checks Xpress to accept payment from all U.S. based consumers and businesses, provided that your financial institution accepts U.S. checks.

"Is it legal to print checks this way?  What about my bank - will it accept these printed bank drafts?"

- Absolutely! The following federal regulations make this all possible and 100% legal:  "Uniform Commercial Code, Title 1, Section1-201(39) and Title 3, Sections 3-104, 3-401, and 3-403;  Code of Federal Regulations, Title 12, Chapter II, Part 210 and Regulation J, Federal Reserve Bank, Part 2, Sections 4a-201 to 4a-212.  Only verbal agreement is required for authorization. See Romani versus Harris 255 Md. 389."

- With the above federal regulations in place, every U.S. banking institution MUST accept your bank drafts, provided that the checks conform to the standards set forth by the American Bankers Association (ABA). Checks Xpress checks comply 100% with the ABA's standards!

- No special bank account or authorization is required - your current bank account is already able to accept bank drafts!  In addition, no signature is required to deposit and process the check  (refer to the federal regulations listed above). As long as the customer gives you authorization (verbal or otherwise) to debit his/her checking account, a signature is not mandatory. Checks Xpress will automatically print the required authorization information on the signature line of the check. 

- Also, no special magnetic ink toner is required for your printer. Since most banks are using the optical (laser beam) check reading system, ink toner is not an issue. For those banks that might still be using the older, magnetic check reading system, your check will still be processed manually. Either way, your Checks Xpress checks are as good as gold!

"What are the features of Checks Xpress?"

- Designed exclusively for Windows 95! Because of its 32-bit design, Checks Xpress gives you the performance and user-friendliness you demand. 

- Simple, friendly user interface. No special computer skills required. Checks Xpress was created with the most novice of computer users in mind. In fact, Checks Xpress has been rated as the EASIEST to use check printing program, ever. Installation is a breeze - you'll be printing checks within minutes!

- Store an unlimited number of your customers' checks on your computer, for archival, future retrieval, and monthly account debiting.
- Automatic check number incrementing feature allows you to automatically maintain sequential check numbers for better record keeping and less data entry.

- Custom signature line feature allows you to customize the information that appears on the check's signature line, or use the built-in authorization information along with a date and time stamping feature.

- Custom printer alignment. Easy alignment feature ensures that Checks Xpress will print perfect checks every time with your laser or inkjet printer.

- Free tech support should you ever run into any difficulties with Checks Xpress.

- Checks Xpress is not to be confused with the accounting or financial software programs available in stores (Quicken, Peachtree Accounting, etc.). Unlike those programs, Checks Xpress prints the special bank codes found along the bottom of every check. The store-bought programs do not print the special bank codes, and they are designed to only print checks from the same checking account.

"What do I need to use Checks Xpress to start cashing checks?"

- Any computer system running Windows95 or Windows NT 3.51/4.0 
- A laser or inkjet printer
- 3.5" floppy disk drive
- 5 MB free hard drive space
- A standard checking account

"What are the costs involved?"

- The Checks Xpress Software: NOW AVAILABLE FOR ONLY $139.00! Our competitors charge $200, $300, even as much as $500 for check printing software programs of lesser quality!

- Blank checks: Can be purchased from a variety of vendors.  Our high quality Security Checks feature built-in watermarks and are ideal for use with Checks Xpress. They are formatted one check per 8.5"x11" page. Prices are listed below on the Order Form.

- Bank fees, service fees, monthly fees: NONE! Unlimited check printing, with no other costs other than blank checks.

*** SPECIAL OFFER *** If you order within 10 days of receiving this offer, you will be eligible for a $40 INSTANT ONLINE REBATE! Your total cost to own Checks Xpress WILL BE ONLY $99.00! We GUARANTEE you will not find a better check printing system for less! To qualify for your $40 discount, you will need to provide a valid Instant Online Rebate (IOR) number when you place your order.
* IMPORTANT * DO NOT LOSE THIS NUMBER - your valid IOR number is: CXP6410 

"Does ZR ONE Technologies offer a money-back guarantee?"

- Absolutely! You can try Checks Xpress AT NO RISK! After you have tested Checks Xpress in demo mode to your complete satisfaction, simply contact out technical support department to obtain your valid "unlock code", which will permanentely remove all limitations. At any time during the first 10 days of ownership, or until ZR ONE Technologies issues your Unlock Code, whichever somes first, SHOULD YOU DECIDE THAT YOU ARE NOT COMPLETELY SATISFIED WITH CHECKS XPRESS, YOU MAY RETURN IT FOR A PROMPT AND COURTEOUS REFUND, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

- Unleash the POWER of credit cards with the EASE of cashing checks! 
- Print MONEY directly from your home or office! 
- Order NOW while the $40 Instant Online Rebate Offer still lasts!

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SOFTWARE ORDER (check one):
___ Please rush me the Checks Xpress software for only $139.00
___ ** SPECIAL OFFER ** I am ordering within 10 days of receiving this offer, and I would like to take advantage of the $40 Instant Online Rebate Offer as promised above. Please rush me the Checks Xpress software at the special discounted price of only $99.00. My valid Instant Online Rebate (IOR) number is: CXP2262

___ 50 blank Security Checks for $19.00
___ 100 blank Security Checks for $29.00
___ 250 blank Security Checks for $49.00
___ I do not wish to order any blank checks at this time.

All orders within the U.S. and Canada are shipped via UPS, all others are shipped via USPS. Rates shown below remain the same regardless of order size.
___ UPS Normal Delivery = $5.25 (3-6 days)
___ UPS 3 Day Select = $7.75
___ UPS 2nd Day Air = $10.50
___ UPS Next Day Air = $21.00
___ International (outside U.S.) = $13.25
___ *Send to e-mail account = $0 (within 48 hours) * Note: The e-mail delivery option is available only for software orders NOT consisting of any additional, non-software items. 

$_________ TOTAL CHARGES (including S/H)

Select Payment Type:
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___ Visa ___ MasterCard ___ American Express
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#1. MAIL: Print this order form and mail along with your payment, payable in U.S. funds to:

         ZR ONE Technologies
         Dept. CXP
         467 Saratoga Avenue
         Suite 1425
         San Jose, CA 95129 USA

#2. FAX: Print this order form and either (a.) tape your voided personal/business check below this line, or (b.) fill in your credit card information in the spaces above, and fax your order to: 408-260-7811

ZR ONE Technologies will debit your credit card/checking account for the amount stated above in the TOTAL CHARGES line. * ZR ONE TECHNOLOGIES WILL ASSESS A $25.00 FEE FOR ANY RETURNED CHECKS.

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Thank You for your order! We appreciate your business and we look forward to serving you again in the future.

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