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Sun, 27 Jul 1997 01:43:40 +0200

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From: "Rafael Cuesta" <>
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Subject: RE: <BR><BR> (was RE: Some complaints about HTML 4.0 (fwd))
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 1997 01:43:40 +0200

yes very right, not only the big two; the proportion in Spain is the
reverse ie 80 /nt 20, more or les but, please
apart of the big two, which other main browsers you are considering when
caring about this compatibility?

Rafael Cuesta, Girona, Spain (Spanish language site)
De: Walter Ian Kaye <>
Fecha: domingo 27 de julio de 1997 1:30
Asunto: Re: <BR><BR> (was RE: Some complaints about HTML 4.0 (fwd))

>At 5:17p -0500 07/26/97, Jordan Reiter wrote:
> > At 7:26 PM -0500 07-25-1997, MegaZone wrote:
> > >Once upon a time Jordan Reiter shaped the electrons to say...
> > >><BR> does.  A <BR> tag is essentially *always* empty and as such can
> > >>repeated.  The HTML documentation is arguing against the use of
> > >
> > >You can always replace multiple <BR> elements with PRE
> > But why do that?  Currently, the BIG TWO allow the use of multiple
> > tags.  Why not toss philosophical discussion aside and let <BR> stand
as a
> > line adder?
>Because some of us actually care that our pages look right on ALL
>(or at least as many versions of as many browsers as possible), and not
>"the BIG TWO". I, for one, welcome the *entire planet* with open arms.
>is the World-wide web, not the MS/NCC-wide web.

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