Re: Occurrence indicators for #PCDATA

Paul Prescod (
Sat, 26 Jul 1997 12:38:00 -0400

Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 12:38:00 -0400
From: Paul Prescod <>
To: Holger Wahlen <>
Subject: Re: Occurrence indicators for #PCDATA

Holger Wahlen wrote:
> Is there any difference between
>         (#PCDATA),
>         (#PCDATA)?,
>         (#PCDATA)+
> and     (#PCDATA)*
> in an element content? 

I think you mean "in content models". Element content means something

Difference: not really. But there is a big difference in these content

 and     (#PCDATA|A)*

Since content models of (#PCDATA) are often extended to (#PCDATA|FOO)*
it might be a good habit to just put in the * after (#PCDATA) so that
you don't forget later. Or else if you contract a content model from
(#PCDATA|FOO)* you might not bother to remove the * at the end. That
might explain the inconsistent practice in the HTML spec.

 Paul Prescod