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Wed, 16 Jul 1997 12:19:52 -0700

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Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 12:19:52 -0700
From: Walter Ian Kaye <>
Subject: Re: BUTTON element

At 4:58p +0000 07/16/97, Dave Salovesh wrote:
 > The rendering of a button, pressed or not, should be left to the devices
 > which will do the rendering, and shouldn't call for loading additional
 > file.

OK, here's another idea. I use a RAD environment on the Macintosh called
FaceSpan [1], which has a pictbox property called 'selection style'. The
property values are as follows:

   none                 pictbox or cell does not highlight

   by hilite            white areas of pictbox or cell are overlain
                        with the System highlight color (from the
                        Color control panel)

   by invert            colors of pictbox or cell are inverted

   by lasso             colors of pictbox or cell are inverted within
                        contours that exclude the pictbox's fill color

   by frame             pictbox or cell is surrounded by a frame

   by sink              pictbox or cell is surrounded by a column of
                        pixels on the left and one row of pixels on
                        the top

   by exchange          a different artwork resource is used for the
                        highlighted pictbox

So, how about assigning a selection-style to the <INPUT> element?
Something like: { selection-style: invert }

Perhaps selection-style values of:

      hilite | dim | invert | sink | exchange

although I'm not sure how exchange would interact with PRESSED attribute.
'dim' would simply darken the colors: FF->99, CC->66, 99->33, 66/33/00->00.


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