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Wed, 16 Jul 1997 16:58:38 GMT

From: (Dave Salovesh)
Subject: Re: BUTTON element
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 1997 16:58:38 GMT
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Walter sent this to the www-html list:

>And here's a better idea:
>   <INPUT TYPE=image SRC="buttonup.gif" PRESSED="buttondn.gif">
>This is backwards-compatible, plus it gives the author greater control
>over how the "highlight" appears when the button is pressed. Perhaps
>this PRESSED attribute could be added to IMG/OBJECT as well?

Some would be too tempted to use that feature like a thumbnail to link
to a full image (completely ignoring correct FORM/SCRIPT usage), except
the full image would try to pop up in the same place.  The PRESSED image
would need to be resized to fit the original space, or the page would
need to be redrawn to fit the new image.  This would also be true if I
wanted a button which would go splat when pressed.

I don't want my page redrawn just to show a pressed button for a
fraction of a second.

There's also the question of when the PRESSED image would be loaded.  If
it's requested only when the button is pressed there will be delays in
showing the pressed view, but if it's requested from the outset on a
page with several buttons there will be several images that are loaded
but may never be displayed.

The rendering of a button, pressed or not, should be left to the devices
which will do the rendering, and shouldn't call for loading additional

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