"Web Pages Donít Make Money"

staff (support@strutyourstuff.com)
Wed, 22 Jan 1997 20:51:59 -0500

Date: Wed, 22 Jan 1997 20:51:59 -0500
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Subject: "Web Pages Donít Make Money"


We operate a custom email service and from our experience a
typical bulk email service just collects e-mail addresses from any 
source they can relying on shear volume e-mailing to produce the 
desired results - the "shotgun" approach. We have found that by 
targeting fresh e-mails to groups that would be specifically interested 
in your product or service, the response rate is greatly improved. 

By targeted  fresh e-mails we mean that we collect the addresses 
from on-line areas (forums, newsgroups, directories, chat groups,
etc.) so that we obtain addresses of people that are most likely interested 
in your products or services based on their on-line participation.

Bulk e-mailing on the Internet is  amazingly powerful.Use a good 
letter, and youíll have more business than you can handle!

The fresh custom e-mail addresses that we obtain for you will be sent 
to you via e-mail (or on disk for an additional $15.00 charge.) 

Our Guarantee: We  have a 30 day guarantee should any of the addresses 
be undeliverable, we will replace those names with new ones.

To Order: 

Choose or supply a keyword of e-mail names that you would like us to obtain:
adult, golf, vitamins, stocks, MLM, business, pets, etc..or choose your own 
word and write it here:


Check the number of e-mail addresses you want:

___1000   $65.00

___2000   $125.00

___3000   $185.00

___4000   $240.00

___5000  $300.00

Send my names to this e-mail address:________________
I would prefer to have them put on a disk and expressed mailed 
for an additional $15.00 _____

-Credit card Information:


Address on card:_________________________

City, State and zip__________________________________

Visa__  Mastercard___

Card number:_______________________


Total amount:______________

E-mail or fax  completed form to:

Email: orders@strutyourstuff.com
Fax:  (206) 379-9722

To send by mail: Strut Your Stuff
                            11014 19th Ave SE Suite 305
                             Everett, WA 98208