Re[4]: Why style sheets

Eric Holstege (
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 12:13:19 -0800

Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 12:13:19 -0800
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From: (Eric Holstege)
Subject: Re[4]: Why style sheets
To: Paul Prescod <>

Partly. The browser still has to execute two HTTP GET requests, which means 
another round trip through all those routers across the Internet, another 
transaction executed by your web server, another file open/read. (Incidentally I
tracked a sample packet throuhg the Internet from our server to a user in 
Florida and it went through an astounding 48 hops round trip.)

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Subject: Re: Re[2]: Why style sheets
Author:  Paul Prescod <> at Internet
Date:    1/20/97 2:53 PM

Won't this "HTTP setup cost" issue become moot when HTTP 1.1 is more widely 

 Paul Prescod

Eric Holstege wrote:
> I think the main cost in downloading a (textual) page is generally the TCP
> connection setup and the round-trip GET request for the HTTP transaction, not 
> the downloading time. Unless it is cached, an external style sheet requires a 
> second HTTP transaction, and hence a second TCP connection setup, whereas
> putting style info into the documents just results in a few hundred extra 
> download in an otherwise already-established TCP connection. I think that 
> up being generally faster.