Re: Re[2]: Why style sheets

Paul Prescod (
Mon, 20 Jan 1997 14:53:16 -0500

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Date: Mon, 20 Jan 1997 14:53:16 -0500
From: Paul Prescod <>
To: Eric Holstege <>
Subject: Re: Re[2]: Why style sheets

Won't this "HTTP setup cost" issue become moot when HTTP 1.1 is more widely deployed?

 Paul Prescod

Eric Holstege wrote:
> I think the main cost in downloading a (textual) page is generally the TCP
> connection setup and the round-trip GET request for the HTTP transaction, not
> the downloading time. Unless it is cached, an external style sheet requires a
> second HTTP transaction, and hence a second TCP connection setup, whereas
> putting style info into the documents just results in a few hundred extra bytes
> download in an otherwise already-established TCP connection. I think that winds
> up being generally faster.