Re: New tags. Reply to Galactus.

Peter Flynn (
19 Jan 1997 22:39:30 +0000 (GMT)

Date: 19 Jan 1997 22:39:30 +0000 (GMT)
From: Peter Flynn <>
Subject: Re: New tags. Reply to Galactus.
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   Listen, I'm sorry I insulted so many people by saying that <indent> was a
   good idea. What if an HTML designer (in the loosest since) doesn't know
   about style sheet (like me) and doesn't know how to indent.  Would this not
   be an easy solution? Even if it does turn out to be a flop, what would it hurt? 

It didn't insult anyone. just puzzled them. With all the books and
pages about HTML, I cannot see why or how you would not know about
style sheets if you're in any way serious about authoring HTML.

   Also, if you'll look on my HomePage, you'll see it is just a big table. In
   that table I have vertical dividers in between all the columns. These
   dividers are just gray images that are very tall and perhaps essentially
   useless, but they serve a noble purpose. Besides the structure of the

The point is that they _don't_. They only serve to puzzle the reader,
because they look terrible on any machine I've viewed them on, because
you've made the basic false assumption that the whole world has the
same hardware and software and fontsize that you use.

   document, it serves no other purpose and it really only serves a minor one
   at that, so I'll state again, what would it hurt?

It wouldn't. I just don't see what purpose it _would_ serve. I'll
repeat (read this very slowly):

         The Web is not -- repeat NOT -- a DTP system.

   About the <date format="whatever">.  You don't see this as a good idea? None
   of you?  Instead of having to call on server-side images or JavaScript, why
   not code one in HTML to save time? It would be easy and it would save time.
   I don't see a downside.  

Nope, I can't see any use for it whatsoever with FORMAT. With VALUE as
I suggested, sure. What use would it serve?

   I'm not making any wishes for any tags.  I'm just trying to add to the
   "technical discussion" (mentioned in a previous E-mail) of this mailing
   list.  I apologize for that, too.

Thanks for the suggestions, but I really think you need to go and do
some serious technical reading first before making more suggestions. 
This whole HTML/Web thang is not some dinky wordprocessor-with-
graphics system: it's an _information_ system, and letting over-fussy
appearances get in the way of the info is usually counterproductive
(not always, just most times). You might also want to look at some
good books on typography and design: ask on TYPO-L