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Sun, 24 Aug 1997 21:59:07 -0400

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Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 21:59:07 -0400
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Subject: Re: HTML Streaming

At 08:12 PM 8/24/97 -0400, you wrote:
>The compiled HTML file would allow the browser to view the HTML file as it is
>downloaded. For example, the title tag would be placed first. My streaming 
>HTML protocols are very early in development and I would appreciate any help.

call me silly, but don't most HTML files already make some of themselves
visible during the downloading process.  granted, not in any smooth
fashion--but, unless you have something pretty fancy going on, stuff pops
up as it comes down the pipe.  

also, speaking practically, the amount of pages with advertising at the top
is on the rise and the animated banners don't load very quicky on a 28.8 or
lower connection.  if the streaming implies that things would display from
the top down (head elements, followed by a sequencial display of
body/frameset elements) a good number of people would be stuck looking at
exactly what they didn't come for waiting for what they did.  something
that may be simple HTML text hat may have loaded sans images more quickly
than if it had been done in a streaming fashion.

BTW--can you point to an example where the head, or at least the TITLE
element is *not* at the top?  i can't say i've eveer seen one...
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