Re: A simple Question

Peter Flynn (
18 Aug 1997 22:02:12 +0100

Date: 18 Aug 1997 22:02:12 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
To: Peter Belesis <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: Re: A simple Question

At 21:25 18/08/97 +0300, Peter Belesis wrote:
>Actually, this question was addressed extensively this morning, Europe
>time, but not posted to group as it is outside of usual concerns.
>In any case, I wrote the following, which I believe is the most elegant
>and I've tested on both NS3 and IE4. No SCRIPT tag or script URL is

Neat, but it completely breaks the objective that the links are between
a single parent document and two sibling documents. This is an excellent
example of why the design of any DTD should be modeled on the user
requirements, and not on arbitrary factors.