Re: style sheets, dropped capitals and floatimg text

Peter Belesis (
Thu, 14 Aug 1997 23:35:38 +0300

Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 23:35:38 +0300
From: Peter Belesis <>
To: "Chris Wilson (PSD)" <>
Subject: Re: style sheets, dropped capitals and floatimg text

Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
> Hmm, well, you're correct in what we (MSIE) require.  As to your other
> issue, I would not expect any of the permutations you mention to work,
> except "font: 36pt bold;" (which won't be bold, necessarily - that's "a
> font from the family named "bold", 36pt size").  The CSS 'font' property
> REQUIRES a font-size, and requires it after any weight, style or variant
> in the 'font' property.
> You can say, for both browsers,
> <STYLE TYPE="text/css">
>     .bigGuy {
>         float: left;
>         font-size: 500%;
>         width: 1em;
>     }
> </STYLE>
> Be forewarned, however, I've seen some serious weirdness in Navigator 4

did you try this, Chris? I did, before my orig. letter. That's why I
changed the size to points. MSIE seems to do it correctly. NS4.01a Win95
delivers something between 2000% and 3000%. That's why I avoided *%*. It
comes back to the same thing. With beta software (let's not kid
ourselves, in a perfect world NS 4.01a would be called NS 4b8) we go for
what works exactly the same in both, which is still my example. Don't
you agree? Try it.


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