Re: Style Sheet Support (was:Fw: Images and formatting of lists, keywords in <a>)

Chuck White (
Wed, 06 Aug 1997 12:16:07 -0700

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Date: Wed, 06 Aug 1997 12:16:07 -0700
From: Chuck White <>
To: "Marc A. Duncan" <>,
Subject: Re: Style Sheet Support (was:Fw: Images and formatting of lists, keywords in <a>)

Marc A. Duncan wrote:

> Ok, I thought that style sheets were supposed to do all that, too.
> But in
> my attempt to use style sheet, I have found that they are basically
> unsupported.  In general those who do support them, don't support most
> of
> the most important things they can do, making them pretty much
> useless.  On
> top of that, most browsers just simply do not recognize them.  That
> means
> they are, at this point, totally useless.  I feel that UA developers
> need
> to have more pressure placed on them to incorporate this powerful
> technology as quickly as possible.
> I guess that it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to reincorporate
> things
> into html which have been removed because of style sheets.  They can
> always
> be removed in later versions once style sheets are better supported.
> Marc A. Duncan
> M&A Duncan

 What, exactly, is it that browsers aren't supporting? IE 4.0 supports
just about every property in the CSS1 recommendations, as well as those
for CSS positioning, in addition to a wealth of well defined DOM
properties and methods. As for Netscape's spotty support of Style
Sheets, I can't imagine a more persuasive source of pressure than
Microsoft's army of software engineers responsible for said support.
Even with Netscape's spotty support, give me a 4.0 browser, and I'll
give you a CSS page (a little sloppy still code-wise, but a CSS page

-- chuck white
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