Re: A Proposal from the Disabled Access Community

James Shattuck (
Sun, 20 Apr 1997 15:46:48 -0700

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Date: Sun, 20 Apr 1997 15:46:48 -0700
From: James Shattuck <>
Subject: Re: A Proposal from the Disabled Access Community wrote:
> >> compatibility problems. However I note that most browsers ignore a
> >> nonexistent fragment id so:
> >>
> >>     http://www.bogus/etc.html#foobar
> >>
> >> would position to the beginning of the document if there is no foobar
> >> anchor. Overloading # for this use would thus provide graceful fallback
> >
> >I never thought of that, that has some great promise!!
> >>     http://www.bogus/etc.html#foo#bar
> >
> >Can they be made to be that flexible?
> Yes they can. But will this actually get implemented by browsers is a
> different question. I think it is more likely than the search attribute
> on anchors and also more practical. You can carry this around with a URL,
> e.g., to put in a bookmark file. You can't do that with an attribute.
> Basically as far as I could discover there is no written definition of
> what is defined after the #. It looks like it slipped through the cracks
> of writing the standards.

Thanks for the detail, it will help a lot.

My second proposition will have to wait, I have to go out of town for a
week, and I'm not sure how my internet connection will be, so I will be
setting to nowmail on my lists when I leave.  But you may continue to
comment until Tuesday night, or send one to me directly.

Thanks for all your help on this one,
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