fw:Re: colours for bullets

Christopher Kho (coop2e82@nortel.ca)
14 Apr 1997 16:28 EDT

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Date: 14 Apr 1997 16:28 EDT
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From: "Christopher Kho" <coop2e82@nortel.ca>
Subject: fw:Re: colours for bullets


Apr 14 16:26 1997

To:          'sirilyan@dlcwest.com' (BNR400)

From:        Christopher (C.)  Kho              (BNR)      Dept E212   SKY

Subject:     Re: colours for bullets

In message "colours for bullets", you write:

> Christopher Kho wrote:
> > No can do with style sheets. I have to make a page that can be used by
> > Netscape 3.01, although I am curious to see a solution using style sheets.
> > 
> > I would like to see the LI tag to have a COLOR attribute that would be valid
> > for all list types. Is there some sort of protocol that needs to be followed
> > to submit this suggestion to the W3C for future versions of HTML?
> But it makes no difference to your stated task whether one uses a CSS
> directive or a <LI COLOR> attribute, since Netscape 3.01 will support
> neither one.

I know. That's what was implied in my message. I've went and used gifs of
coloured circles and tables to make the page.

> It seems to me that including a bullet-color attribute in CSS is a
> better move than overloading all the currently-present attributes with
> more presentation-based markup (after all, why not <DT COLOR>?  <UL
> COLOR> to define a default color for the whole list?  <P FACE> to set a
> default text face for the paragraph?  We could go on like this for
> hours....)

The color of definition terms and unordered lists and the font face of 
paragraphs can be changed using existing tags on the fly whereas the color of a
bullet in an unordered list cannot and the use of an attribute within an 
existing tag seems cleaner than having to resort to CSS's to implement such
a simple task.