Re: %flow and headers and address

Peter Flynn (
29 Sep 1996 20:17:15 +0100

Date: 29 Sep 1996 20:17:15 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
Subject: Re: %flow and headers and address
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   All very interesting, perhaps, but how far have you gotten on
   your DTD that restores all the missing 3.0 markup and could be used for
   the DOCTYPE with validators, rather than having to choose among one or
   another that is missing something or other and will yield false errors
   if one's client supports, and one's markup uses, the missing 3.0 markup
   plus the newer markup?  A perhaps small percentage of Webizens, but
   very, very large absolute number of people who couldn't write such a
   DTD themselves need it.  We want to "Download it now!!!!" :) :)

This week some time. It's gotten as far as Near&Far, so it parses OK,
but I'm checking their (copious) reports to make sure all the bits
that ought to be in there really are. I was tempted to keep the switch
for Deprecated/Recommended but decided not to: there is no attempt at
backward compatibility with stuff that is broken (ie there's no XMP or
LISTING) but there is DIR and MENU. FRAME, STYLE, SCRIPT etc are all
there, but MATH is untouched from HTML3 so far: I'm no mathematician
so I'm really not qualified to change it. The only working changes are
to add HR to the content model for lists, because it seems reasonable
to allow rules between long items (sugar, but harmless). I made ALT
#REQUIRED in IMG, but an interesting problem comes up when you try to
use a graphical editor: how do you tell it to insert ALT="" when you
want an explicit null string :-)