Re: Putting default text into a TEXTAREA

Peter Flynn (
28 Sep 1996 23:15:08 +0100

Date: 28 Sep 1996 23:15:08 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
Subject: Re: Putting default text into a TEXTAREA
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   I don't understand your remark. Why would a browser care if it's
   generated from a script? A browser doesn't even have a way to
   know. All it gets is a stream of characters from the server.

I meant that in logic, one would expect an application to use
script-generated HTML, because this implies that the content of a
TEXTAREA element can thereby be different from run to run, based
perhaps on some extraction of data from elsewhere, as a result of
earlier processing. 

Sure you can edit static text in TEXTAREA from a static HTML file. 
But that way you get the same text to edit every time, which didn't
seem to be what the original writer was asking for.

   ++ or something. Nottalottagood if you want to give someone lots of text,
   ++ but I suppose you could try <img src="foo.doc"> and make your server
   ++ emit Content-Type: application/msword and rely on users having their
   ++ browser configured to pop up Word :-)

   Eh? I seriously doubt an msword doc is smaller than plain text.
   Furthermore, msword doesn't run on many platforms. And most of all, it
   will not be part of the textarea, and hence not directly edible.

Remind me not to use sarcasm online again :-)

   I still don't see what's wrong with <TEXTAREA>

Nothing at all. Just the implementations are not very sophisticated