an idea

Ryan (
Sun, 22 Sep 1996 04:06:22 -0500

Message-Id: <>
Date: Sun, 22 Sep 1996 04:06:22 -0500
From: Ryan <>
Subject: an idea

I'm not a http/html guru, so please excuse me if something like this
already exists, or has been proposed, or is just stupid...
anyway, it seems netscape & mie always download images (or the whole
document) even if it's unchanged..  couldn't a CRC type thing be used,
where the client is told the CRC of the file and can use that to
determine if it needs to GET it..
ie, the server could insert a CRC tag 
<img src="" crc=ff31cd5f >
and if the browser has ANY file in cache with that CRC it can skip it