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Tue, 03 Sep 1996 15:26:40 -0400

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Date: Tue, 03 Sep 1996 15:26:40 -0400
From: Yannick Sadler <>
Subject: Re: backgrounds

This is my response to Gregory A. Smith proposal for multi-column select
element within a form field
>The MSELECT Element
>MSELECT will be used as a FORM element like SELECT except that
>it will always be displayed as a list -- never as a pop-down menu.
>Attributes are:
>MULTIPLE    same as for SELECT
>NAME        same as for SELECT
>SIZE        number of visible rows (the default is to display all rows)

I'd like to propose the addition of a WIDTH tag (like in the TABLE ones)
with value in pixels or % of the total width available.

>MSELECT uses OPTION tags for each of its selectable rows just as
>SELECT does, but it adds the following optional tags.
>TITLE  specifies text to use as the title of the list box.
>       It uses an optional ALIGN attribute with the values: LEFT, RIGHT,
>       or CENTER.
>MH     specifies a column heading (like the TH tag in TABLEs).
>       If used, the number of MH tags must correspond to the number of
>       MD tags following each OPTION. It uses an optional ALIGN
>attribute with the values: LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTER.

I propose a WIDTH tag in the MH tag too. (in pixel or % of total width).

>The OPTION tag works exactly as it does for SELECT with one exception:
>It must be followed by a set of MD tags instead of text.
>MD     The number of MD tags for each OPTION must be the same. The
>       alignment for the MD tag is the same as for its corresponding 
>       MH tag, unless specified with the optional ALIGN attribute 
>       (which takes the usual values of LEFT, RIGHT, or CENTER.  
>       The default in the absence of either an MH tag or an ALIGN 
>       attribute is LEFT alignment.
>                Results of Query 1
> ===============================================
> | Number | Name            | Department
> ==============================================^
> |    234 | Adams, John     | Human Resources  X
> |     33 | Franklin, Ben   | Finance          |
><|    199 | Harrison, W. H. | Marketing        |>
> |   1022 | Lincoln, Abe    | IS               |
> ==============================================V

In the present suggestion, the alignment in the <MH> tag force alignment for
the title of the column AND the data in subsequent rows. Maybe it would be
usefull to have a way to make separate alignment for title and data of a
same column.

Also I'm suggesting a pop-up version of this. Maybe not with the <MSELECT>
tag but with another specific for that. Why not <PSELECT> for pop-up select?
The main difference, beside the pop-up would be that it doesn't include the
columns titles.

                                        Yannick Sadler
Yannick Sadler
Information Technologies Consultant