Re: <a footnote="proposal">
Wed, 16 Oct 96 18:10:04 EDT

Date: Wed, 16 Oct 96 18:10:04 EDT
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: <a footnote="proposal">

> Note......the rel-rev internet-draft that I still have a copy of
> was written in December 1995.
> That means that it should by the rules be gone by now from the I-D
> directories.

And I believe it has so expired.

> It would be nice to get it worked on some more, and get published
> somehow, so that at least we have something to refer to when playing
> with this mechanism.

What kind of work were you thinking of?  In the mean-time, would it
help if Muray & I got it put up on the SoftQuad web server?

> (EXPERIMENTAL RFC seems about right....we shouldn't require that
> the Two Big Ones buy into something before experimenting with it....)



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