HTML Pro (composite DTD)

Peter Flynn (
07 Oct 1996 02:09:11 +0100

Date: 07 Oct 1996 02:09:11 +0100
From: Peter Flynn <>
Subject: HTML Pro (composite DTD)
Message-id: <>

OK, you can find the composited HTML DTD (codenamed "Aardvark" but
formally entitled "HTML Professional" :-) and associated materials at

If you prefer, the whole bag of monkeys, including extended-name
FPI-supported files, is at

WARNING: this DTD works but may contain some surprises (ie you might
not like some of the content models). The objective was to get a
working DTD which would let me crank out pages which were guaranteed
kosher but which let me use the farther crevices of Microscape's
inventivity. My partners have agreed to let me put some more time into
this, so the files will also appear on a server in the USA in the
course of the next day or so, at

The package includes diagrams created by Near&Far (MicroStar
generously donated a copy for use in my books, as well as in work for
the former HTML WG). There's a CED file for psgml, and a RLS file for

Comments, criticisms, flames, and chocolate welcome to this address,
but I've spent pretty much all weekend on this, and I'm going to have
to spend a couple of days making the rent before I can get back to it.