Re: HTML 3.2 PR color value syntax

David Perrell (
Wed, 13 Nov 1996 14:26:29 -0800

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From: "David Perrell" <>
To: "Chris Lilley" <>, <>,
Subject: Re: HTML 3.2 PR color value syntax
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 14:26:29 -0800

Chris Lilley wrote:
> Although perhaps the example should be something like
> #ff12bb830012 -> #ffbc00

Perhaps. #ff12bb830012 -> #ffbb00 if you don't think additional
computation (if the top clipped bit is set add one to the remaining
value and if there's a carry set all bits?) is worth one bit of

> Why? It isn't clear why being able to say
> rgba (36, #bc, 0.7, 112%) is very valuable.

It isn't, since 112% would clip to 100%. But if an author -- say a
Photoshop user -- is comfortable with decimal rgb values (0-255) and
percentage transparency values, why not allow the values to be
specified so rather than force conversion of a known transparency
effect of 50% to an equivalent 0-255 alpha number of 127?