Re: HTML 3.2 PR color value syntax

Carl Morris (
Tue, 12 Nov 1996 16:56:06 -0600

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From: "Carl Morris" <>
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Subject: Re: HTML 3.2 PR color value syntax
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 16:56:06 -0600

| > 	Right, this should be RGB as well. This is really only
| > for Macintosh compatibility. This percentage syntax is not anywhere
| > near as important as the RGB integer syntax, IMHO, but since most
| > people use Macs to design Web art these days...
| Are you saying that the % spec is proportionally congruent with the
| 0-255 range, with 0:0/100:255 ? I don't have a Mac, so I'm not
| with Mac expressions, but this looks every bit as weird as the hex 
| format. Should be trivial to support though.

Proportional to "black through white".  100% simply represents max
intensity, what ever that may be for any platform.  Thats why it would
be a better choice with support for decimal points.