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11 Nov 1996 22:38:45 +0000 (GMT)

Date: 11 Nov 1996 22:38:45 +0000 (GMT)
From: Peter Flynn <>
Subject: Re: color names
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Hakon Lie wrote:

   Tom Schlarman writes:

    > Does anybody know where there is a chart of color names and their triplet
    > value.  I need the extended colors (violet, cadetblue, etc...), not just
    > the basic 16.

   A longer list of color used to be included in the CSS specification.
   We took them out since we coudn't find a single person who liked the
   list of color names. Alas, we havn't been able to come up with a bette
   alternative yet. The last CSS spec that had it is is from May 5, 1996

An excellent list is in the color source for dvips.
The colordvi.tex source code contains the Pantone [tm] color code;
the header contains the CMYK values.

The first you can find at

The second is in the dvips distribution but I've put a copy at

You don't say which suite of color names you are looking for.
These define the 64 colors in the Crayola palette. Doubtless
there are many others (Microsoft, X Window, Mac, etc).