Chat about popup windows, BANNERS and FRAMES

Heikki Vesalainen (
Sat, 16 Mar 1996 13:39:43 -0800

Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 1996 13:39:43 -0800
From: Heikki Vesalainen <>
To: The W3 HTML group <>
Subject: Chat about popup windows, BANNERS and FRAMES

Hi Carl!

> This will pop up a Modal Dialog box (like a tool pallet in a drawing
> program) that will stay open until the user closes it.
> In this case it would be important to figure out a way to automatically
> get rid of it upon leaving the web site so the monitor doesn't clutter
> up at each visited site.

I think there is allready a solution proposal for floting navigation
aids.  It is called the <BANNER> </BANNER> tag.  This tag can be used for
e.g corporate logos and navigation aids, that are not ment to be scrolled
with the rest of the page.  I'm not sure if they will stay on the screen
when you move on to the next link, but you can have the same banner on
all you pages.

Personnally I think that navigation buttons that are in their own
(floting) window are much more nicer than the ficed screen-area-consuming
frames (that cannot even be closed).

(ALAS! I have found yet a new BUG in Netscape 2.0 for Win 3.1x)

Heikki Vesalainen