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Thu, 14 Mar 1996 00:40:11 +0100 (MET)

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Subject: Re: A thought
Date: Thu, 14 Mar 1996 00:40:11 +0100 (MET)
In-Reply-To: <> from "Bryan A. Bentz" at Mar 13, 96 05:41:40 pm

You, Bryan A. Bentz wrote:
++ It occurred to me that when a user clicks on an <A HREF="blah"..> it 
++ might be nice to offer some kind of immediate feedback, from the page 
++ on which the <A HREF...> occurs.
++ For example, (and I don't suggest this syntax as a good idea, but it 
++ makes the semantics clear):
++   <A HREF="">
++      <A HREF="blah"...>This Page</A>
++   </A>
++ conceptually would play whilest the" blah" page is being 
++ fetched.  Nested anchors have insurmountable problems, but perhaps 
++ some multimedia nesting might be allowed.

Beside the SGML difficulties, what is the point? First of all, it
does add to the logical markup of the document; if this has a
place on the web, it ought to be in a style sheet. Secondly,
sound files tend to be large, much larger than text. I think
downloading the sound file takes longer than "This Page" in most

++ Going even further, it might be nice to allow an audio clip to play 
++ when the mouse moves over an anchor, if the browser is set for it.  
++ Then someone somewhat  visually impaired might be able to successfully navigate 
++ through pages based upon the attached audio.

*shiver* `Drink Foobar', `Eat more wombles'. No thanks, I'd rather
hear the music I am playing than all kinds of djingles from the
Web. I don't think such bells and whistles belong in HTML.

++ Perhaps this functionality could be achieved, not by nesting, but by 
++ allowing other attributes:
++    <A HREF="blah" CLICK_AUDIO="" DESCR_AUDIO="">
++   ....

Can't we have something useful? Like <math>? Or even trivial things
like <fn>, <ul plain>, <li src = "...">, etc; all proposed for about
a year and only sparsely implemented?

++ ***********************************
++ I can imagine (especially given the traffic on this list) that many 
++ extensions to HTML will be possible, and reasonable.  Would 
++ it not be a good idea to allow for some dynamic extensions, in which, 
++ in an HTML document, one could inform HTML interpreters (perhaps in 
++ interpreter-specific format) how to process extensions used in the 
++ document?
++ E.G.:
++     #+netscape
++            <A CLICK_AUDIO="param">  := appropriate click_audio code(param)
++    #+mosaic
++            <A CLICK_AUDIO="param">  := ...
++ This kind of bootstrapping might be very hard to implement, and might 
++ lead to all kinds of ad-hoc and annoying HTML,  but it would afford a 
++ kind of generality which would be extremely useful given the dynamic 
++ nature of the language.

And just forget about device independence?


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