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Date: Mon, 4 Mar 1996 19:01:28 -0500
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Another helpful tool to find bad URLs is WebWhacker, it will explore a site
for you & download every page so you can cruise it locally, which is nice,
but the important feature (for me) is that it keeps track of bad URLs and
marks them in red so it is easy to copy them (nice Mac feature - you can
drag the bad URL right into a Stickie without having to copy & paste)  You
can get a demo at - it's already saved me
several hours of hand checking links.

>MOMspider is a spider that goes through pages to check
>the validity of their links.  It was written in perl
>by Roy Fielding.
>> >>> Walter Ian Kaye <> 03/02/96 07:34pm >>>
>> >I thought everyone was doing this.   What I do
>> >is run MOMspider once a week, and update
>> >redirected links to their new location.  If I change
>> >the location of my pages, I usually re-direct for a while,
>> >then stop (since everyone else who was running a
>> >spider has noticed that the location has changed).
>> What the heck is MOMspider? (Everyone is not doing this, because
>> everyone does not know what it is!) And on which platform(s) does it
>> run? Who wrote it? Is it free? Where did you hear of it? What exactly
>> does it do to pages?
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