Re: html forms without cgi

Walter Ian Kaye (
Fri, 1 Mar 1996 05:01:18 -0800

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Date: Fri, 1 Mar 1996 05:01:18 -0800
From: (Walter Ian Kaye)
Subject: Re: html forms without cgi

At 6:36a 02/28/96, wrote:
>Is there a wat in html to create a simple "form" without using cgi? For
>example: Instead of having a plain list of hypertext links, the browser
>would see a form with a pulldown menu. Inside of that pulldown menu would
>be the links to other html documents. There would be no searching, just a
>reference to another page. Is this possible without cgi or scripting

It doesn't require a very complicated CGI. I managed to write one in Perl,
and I don't even know Perl! (Ok, I did have input from Perl people to

See the popup navigation menus on my site, and you can download my
"popcat-url.cgi" from my "Directory of Files" page (which itself has the
nav form).

Or is your problem that your server doesn't support CGIs or your ISP is
afraid of them? ;)


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