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Sat, 29 Jun 1996 22:01:04 -0700

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Subject: RE: Commitment to Standards
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 22:01:04 -0700

Interestingly Netscape has already done this in at least some version of
the Windows browsers, the one I saw was flashing bad HTML.

We will ship source validators in different forms as part of authoring
tools, and are looking at shipping one in IE as well (it doesn't flash
the offending HTML, only puts up a warning that there were problems).

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>To: 	Lee Daniel Crocker
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>Subject: 	Re: Commitment to Standards
>Lee Daniel Crocker wrote:
>> If MS really wants to make points here, don't bother preaching
>> to the choir: have the balls to make a real press release
>> affirming MS's commitment to standards in direct opposition
>> to Netscape's clear contempt of them, and then follow through.
>> Remove the page on that advocates &#151; and other
>> illegal character entities, and fix MSIE to support the correct
>> ones.  Add CSS1-based frames in addition to the old NS hack.
>> Commit _now_ that MS will _not_ support the new Netscape-isms,
>> put those functions into style sheets, and publicise how to use
>> them correctly.  Make the Internet Assistants for Word and Excel
>> generate valid HTML with stylesheets.  Commit to supporting
>> PNG, so MSIE can actually read W3C's pages without gagging.
>All excellent suggestions.  May i add one more -- sorely needed.
>    Encourage consistently valid HTML:
>    Give MSIE a source view that highlights the markup and
>    *correctly* identifies valid and invalid markup, to help
>    repair Netscape's corruptions of what people think is right.
>I've seen the word "commitment" on Netscape's site far too many
>times now.  Microsoft: this is your chance to show us what
>"commitment" really means.