Re: new anchor type?

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Wed, 26 Jun 1996 17:16:14 +0200

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Date: Wed, 26 Jun 1996 17:16:14 +0200
From: Adrian Lozano <>
Subject: Re: new anchor type? suggested:
>    He eats a <A EXPLAIN="A exaprotaplutic hydafolliciplic castiento">quig</A>.
> When the reader clicks on "quig" the browser pops up a yellow box giving the
> explanation. metooed:
> Thats a great idea very worth while too!! That would be a definite
> plus to HTML!! I would suggest sending your idea directly to Hakon
> Lie at  and seeing what he thinks of it!!
> Again I fully support that idea and the tag used to accomplish it!!

Me too, except it's already proposed in the footnote format

    He eats a <A HREF="#quig">quig</A>.
    <FN ID="quig">A exaprotaplutic hydafolliciplic castiento</FN>

The implementation is supposed to be client specific but would typically be
displayed in a popup window.  

/Adrian "Kamikaze CGI Pilot" Lozano

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